Sock Sizing Guide & Sock Lengths

Sock Sizing Guide - what sock size is right for me?

The best way to know which sock size to order is to use your shoe size as a guide.

Please refer to the shoe size chart below. It shows the shoe sizes for the USA, Europe (EU) and United Kingdom (UK).

Sock Size Guide

Important: Note that for the USA and UK there are two kid size ranges. The smallest is marked with a C (children) and the larger with a Y (youth). This children shoe size by age chart might also be helpful.

Also note that our socks sizes are gender neutral, i.e. you do not have to specify "women's large". This makes it more convenient when ordering for groups that may consist of both men and women.

Sock Lengths

sock length chart

We only provide templates for the most popular sport and athletic sock lengths. Even so, we can make all sorts of sock lengths on request.

The sock lengths we usually sell are:

Knee High

Popular in the colder months or for specific sports, the knee high sits just below the knee. This large sock gives us plenty of space to customize with a logo, text, stripes or other creative designs.


The crew sock length is the most popular athletic sock length. As such you will find we provide the most template designs for this specific length. This sock offers plenty of space for a logo, text and unique stripe designs.

High Ankle

Also known as "mini crew", these socks sit between the crew and low ankle lengths. There is enough space for text or a logo, but usually not both.

Low Ankle

Also known as "micro crew", this sock barely sticks out from the shoe. There is enough space to add a team name into the rib of the sock and of course customize with your own colors. Many still love to add their logo to the top of the foot, even though it will be hidden by shoes most of the time.